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Landline:   +971 4 554 3155

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About Us

A visit to our beautiful Bridees Wedding Boutique is an experience you will never forget. Any bride wanting the perfect wedding dress will love both the relaxed atmosphere and the most beautiful selection of wedding dresses. Stocking gowns by only the very best designers, and providing friendly, honest and experienced advice, we can help you choose your perfect designer wedding gown, accessories and veil.

All our gowns are made from beautiful fabrics, and are expertly made by highly skilled and creative designers, who like us, have a passion for beautiful gowns.

We do recommend that you make an appointment, as we like to give you our undivided attention. Please call us on 0525068211 or email us at hello@bridees.ae

We can’t wait to meet you !!

Best Wishes,

The Bridees Team

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start looking for my dress?

Ideally, you should look at ordering your dress at least 6 to 9 months before your wedding, so you have enough time for fitting and accessorizing. If you have a shorter time scale, let us know and don’t panic.

Do I need an appointment?

We advise booking an appointment as it means you are not kept waiting, but if you just happen to be passing you are more than welcome to pop in.

Booking an Appointment

How long are appointment time?

We normally allow 1 hour for a bridal appointment, however if we do not have an appointment booked in after you then there are no time restrictions.

Can I bring a large party to my appointment?

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but trying on a wedding dress should not be. That is why when you make an appointment our attention is all yours. We ask that you limit, where possible, the number of guests you bring with you to only 2 / 3 people, whose opinions you really trust. If you bring more, you will find that all of the different views will be confusing.

What should I bring with me at the appointment?

Please bring or wear a strapless bra and appropriate underwear.

What should I expect from my bridal consultant?

During your appointment, you will have an initial consultation with one of our bridal consultants to understand your preferences and identify your body type and which silhouettes best suits it. The bridal stylist will help you to try on the bridal gowns. They will also suggest gowns that you did not necessarily choose. Moreover, advise you on the different accessories that you will need on the big day.

How many gowns can I try during my consultation?

Usually 1 hour is enough to try 7 or 8 gowns.

What is your price range and how do I pay?

We hold a wide range of dresses from budget to luxury. If you are working to a budget, it is always good for you to tell us, as we will then be able to help you stick to it. For new orders we request a 50% deposit to be made at the time of order, with the balance due when the gown arrives in store. The gown will not be ordered until the 50% deposit has been received. The dress must be paid for in full before starting alterations.

Where can I do alteration?

At the moment alterations are provided by a third party, a fully experienced and competent alterations specialist. 

Does the price include alteration?

For re-sizing and hemming the length of the gown, the alteration is free of charge. However, there will be additional charges, if any changes need to be done to the design of the gown i.e. changing the neckline, adding sleeves, belt etc.

What should I bring to my first fitting?

We would recommend bringing the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day, the right undergarments as well as the underskirt if you decide to wear one.

When should the alterations be done?

We normally suggest doing the alterations around 4 weeks before your wedding so that the dress fits perfectly.

Wedding Dress Pressing and Steaming

We offer pressing and steaming services free of charge and only for the dresses bought in our boutique. Please call in advance and book an appointment. On the scheduled time, usually one the day before the wedding, bring it to our boutique and we will steam it for your big day.

How should I store my wedding gown?

Keep your gown in a dry and dark place. Two days before the wedding hang the dress high up so that it does not touch the floor. Just the day before the wedding, bring it to our boutique and we will steam it for your big day.

I have seen a dress online by one of your designers but you don’t have it, can you get it?

Yes, we can. Terms and Conditions applies.

Thinking of buying a dress over the internet?

We recommend that you do not buy your gown over the internet. We have heard from brides who have purchased online to find that they didn’t receive the dress they expected, or it was delivered too late, some received counterfeit dresses others received used dresses or the wrong style or size. It seems like a saving but, in the end, you do not save at all because you may be forced to pay hidden charges i.e. import duty, delivery etc. This is the most important dress you will ever buy. Saving a few dirhams is not worth taking the risk, the internet is a great place for tracking down the styles you like before you visit the bridal store. However, when it comes to purchasing, it has been proven repeatedly the best place to buy is a full-service bridal store, where you can see, feel and try on the gown of your dreams.

Travelling with the bridal gown

For destination wedding, we recommend you carry the gown with you in the garment bag provided by our boutique. When you are in the cabin, ask the hostess to keep the gown in a safe corner. We would never recommend you to carry your gown in luggage.